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Xzilon Interior


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Interior Coverage

How it works

Your vehicle is a hotbed for germs and other harmful odor-causing microbes. That’s why you need XMicrobe™ interior protection from Xzilon®. We have you covered for up to five years of continuous resistance to stains, odors, and microbes. With an XMicrobe™ protective layer, your vehicle’s interior surfaces are more easily cleaned. Food, grime, mold, dirt, and virtually any sticky substances wipe away quickly.


XMicrobe™ is water-based and environmentally friendly. Completely free of VOCs and CFCs, XMicrobe™ does not contain or release any harmful chemicals into the environment. Once applied, it covalently bonds to both hard and soft interior surfaces, providing a superior protection barrier. XMicrobe™ can be used on all types of vehicles, including automobiles, mass transit, marine, and aviation.


Benefits at a glance

✔ EPA-registered and environmentally friendly

✔ Continuous antimicrobial, stain, and odor protection

✔ Lasts up to five years

✔ Provides unsurpassed protection

✔ Makes cleaning a snap

✔ Works on all interior surfaces

✔ Resists harmful odor-causing microbes

✔ Aviation grade

✔ Completely safe and non-flammable

✔ Almost self-sanitizing

✔ No VOCs or CFCs

✔ Made in the USA