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Xzilon Exterior


The difference is strength.

Exterior Coverage

How it works

Originally designed for the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection is a permanent carbon polymeric coating. Once applied to a painted exterior surface, it provides exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasives, and the damaging effects of weather and environmental contaminants. Specially formulated to prevent buildup, Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection instantly covalently bonds to external painted surfaces and provides a protective coating that gives the vehicle the best protection possible. Contains no VOCs or CFCs.


Benefits at a glance

✔ In use, completely safe for adults, children, and pets

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Non-flammable and low-odor

✔ Provides unsurpassed protection

✔ Safe for all surfaces

✔ Ultra high-gloss finish

✔ Protects at temperatures up to 700° F

✔ Resists acids (unlike Teflon and silicones)

✔ Lasts for years with little or no buildup

✔ Quick and easy touch-up

✔ Made in the USA